Custom System Sales

We can custom design and build a computer just for your needs at a price that is less expensive than the 'BIG' companies. What is a custom system? Simply put, it's a system designed around you, your business, or your family's specific needs, NOT an off-the-shelf system loaded with surprise 'circus-ware' (the typical smattering of confusing 3rd party, pop-up-infested software found on most new computers). Depending on your needs, we might recommend multiple monitors for your system allowing for an extended desktop, a great idea for graphic artists, stock traders, and 3D gamers.

Is Windows 7, 8, 10, or Linux for you?

Windows Vista didn't last very long, so if you have a system with Windows Vista, call us for a quick and easy upgrade to Windows 7. If you have a system with Windows 7, 8, or 10 and are having trouble, contact us today to fix those issues. Microsoft's latest Operating System, Windows 10 is already plagued with complaints! It was developed for touch-screen applications and we recommend staying away from Windows 10. But if you already have a system with Windows 7, ,8, or 10 installed, contact us to set it up so it will run quickly and properly.

Have you heard of Linux? It's not just for hackers anymore! With many advanced programs (all legally FREE of charge) you can do just about everthing with Linux that you can with Windows. Find out more about 'Ubuntu' Linux!

Repairs & Upgrades

Having computeer problems? We can fix all your Windows, Mac, or Linux problems FAST!!! We can do most repairs and 'tune-ups' remotely, over the Internet! Visit our Tech Support Section (below) for more information on this and other repair options. Thinking of upgrading your system? Don't buy your upgrades at a retail store for retail prices!!! Contact us first for the BEST prices on hardware upgrades.


If you buy a system from us, the installation is always free if you mention this site. However, if you have already purchased a system from some other company, we can still install it for you, making sure all the connections are correct. Want a special configuration? Maybe a little more security? We can set that up, too.

'Home Server' HIGHLY Recommended

If you have two or more computers in your home or office, we strongly suggest you purchase a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device for secure, redundant, shared storage of all your data: Documents, Photos, Music, etc. It's easy to setup; ask us how.

Computer Tech Support

We can handle a wide range of support issues, from simple home system questions to the most extensive business network problems. We can also service most systems remotely and securely. Download our [RemoteSupport] software. If necessary, our staff of skilled technicians can service your system at your home or office or at our local service center. We will even pick up and deliver your system for you. Contact us today and see for yourself why so many others have become our clients.

eMail for [computer tech support]

Home & Small Office Network Design

A proper network in your home or small office will give you added functionality you might not have thought about before, such as shared Internet access, shared printer(s), file sharing, etc. No more swapping CD's or USB drives with pictures or files to print - open them right though the network! We can also help you set up your wireless home network FAST!

Corporate Level LAN Solutions

From five to 500 systems on your network, whether LAN or WAN, we will design & support your infrastructure professionally and securely. Additionally, if your needs include a VPN conection to a remote location, we can implement a secure solution in any size.

Tune-Up Current Network

Contact us for a evaluation of your existing network and we will determine how to best increase your network's performance. This could be done by upgrading to a Gigabit or even Fibre-Channel infrastructure. Call today and see if you're maximizing your network's SPEED!

Data Backup and Recovery

Your data is mission critical, and loosing it can halt your business completely. The best data protection is redundancy. In worse-case scenarios, we can help you get back online because we understand the importance of your data. Do NOT trust your data to a lone hard drive or a tape backup! Ask us about NAS (Network Attached Storage)!


If you have two or more computers on your network, we strongly recommend you purchase a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device for secure, redundant, shared storage of all your data. 1-4TB stations available.

Networking Tech Support

Intermittent connectivity, slow connectivity, or data loss over a network can equate to loss in productivity, no matter what the size of your business. We can solve your problems and help set up preventative maintenance to minimize down time from faulty NIC cards or bad cabling. Even if it's WiFi or another company's installation, we can fix it.

eMail for [network tech support]

Website Development : 1st Impressions

A prospective customer that sees your website is most likely getting a first impression of your company based on that site. Because of this , we ask prospective customers, ‘Is your website as professional as the services you provide?’ ... more

Personal, Business, & Corporate Site Design

Personal pages are generally a few pages with information, pictures, etc. about a person's interests, hobbies, pets, email, related links, etc. Click here to see some examples.

Business & Corporate sites are much more in-depth than personal sites, with detailed information about a particular company, its services, etc. They might include searchable databases, online order forms, and payment processing. They are also virtualy limitless in size and content. We can provide a graphic representation (a 'mockup') of what your finished site might look like. Click here to see some examples.

Prices are widely variable depending on content, so please contact us for a quote.

High-Speed Hosting / Dedicated Servers

Whether your site is small or large, it will be hosted and maintained on one of the the fastest and most secure data servers on the planet with an 'over 99.8% uptime' ratio!

We can also provide and mantain your Dedicated Server to host what you wish. No more building and maintaining of expensive hardware/software in your office. Use a Dedicated Server to host your company's QuickBooks® or Everst® data file and your users can have full, secure access for as little as $99/month!

Domains, eMail, & Hosted Exchange

Personally or professionally, one of the best things to have is your own domain name ( With it, you can have any email address you want, regardless of your ISP. Do you want access to your email, calender, & contacts even if you're not at your own computer? Do you want to share your calender with colleagues! Ask us about our Hosted Exchange Service. It's completly compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, Android, & Windows Mobie Devices!

Eliminate eMail SPAM!

Are you tired of SPAM eMail? Our Hosted Exchange service use the latest spam filtering technology so you will only get the messages you want and not the ones you don't

Hosting Tech Support

In most cases we handle complete website maintenance for our clients. This would include text changes and/or removing and replacing images as requested by our clients. If, however, you choose to maintain your own files, we will give you unrestricted access to your site so you can make your own changes as often as you like.

eMail for [hosting tech support]

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